Monday, September 21, 2009

September 14 Open Meeting

Meeting Minutes
Date: September 14, 2009 5:30 PM
Title of Meeting: Sigma Tau Delta -- Open Meeting
Location: Tivoli 317
Attendees: Adam Speirs, Chris Dunkin, Roberto Martinez, Mark Reagan

MORE funding
Use for things to hand out at spring fling. Book marks, flyers, highlighter, pens. That kind of stuff. Everyday use is best. Put on agenda for next time. Brochures!

One or two per semester, round table discussions, salons, basically the salon idea. Ideas? Profs? Next agenda.

Party with phi sigma sigma, phi alpha theta? Social event primarily. Good idea to be pursued. Next agenda.
Blackforeststudios Halloween thing -- Oct 23 and 24th. Ideas? Dead poets. Bad poetry. Next agenda. Are we supposed to write something?

Adam will work on with Roberto. Tutorial made in process.

Bake sale. Fall -- once per month? Set up “tab” with King Soopers, and another with Office Depot on 16th. Get it set up prior to drop date?
What activities can we get involved in that already are occurring on campus?
Get brainstorm on mailing list.

Talk to student travel. Make sure that members are aware of deadline etc. Mention in newsletter. Advisor that attends?

Class Presentations
Talking to students in classrooms. We need a brochure! Roberto is designing a schpiel. New membership form online? Agenda for next week

Penny Drive
Not really interested, but interested in fundraising for charities.
Better world books. Find spearhead. Next agenda.

Banned Books Week
No longer through Auraria Library. Multicultural Lounge? Keep it simple! Art gallery style display? Nessa Conley spearheading.

Social Stuff
Salons. Board game night. Flash fiction contests. Book presentations?

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