Friday, September 25, 2009

09-21 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
Date: September 21, 2009 5:26 PM
Title of Meeting: Sigma Tau Delta
Location: tivoli 317
Attendees: Joseph Gerlick, Elyssa Lewis, Roberto Martinez, Adam Speirs, Mark Reagan

M.O.R.E. funding
- roberto says brochure a really good idea. lists reasons which include informational, convention, recruitment...
- jo takes the reigns. all in favor 5/0 vote.

- presentation ideas: troyer - manuscripts; academia and motherhood - kuhn; ruderman - sabbatical trip for spring? jan scott frasier - art and creativity. gorman and popular culture.
- approach dr kuhn on department meeting bulletin and individual.
- poetry salon by adam.
- elyssa takes reigns.
- next agenda.

- literary zombies - blackforeststudios. oct 24th.
- get member involvement through email.
- phi sigma sigma -- oct 30th - huge social event. bad gothic poetry contest. flash competition?
- $100 to rent cajetan’s -- double check into whatever liability we have doing that. voted in favor 5/0 pending liability issues.

- setting up purchase orders for king soopers and office depot?

in class presentations
- roberto did 2: basic guidelines informational sheet to be posted online soon.
- in personal classes, but beyond?

membership applications
- figure out who these things go to.
- "contact advisors during office hours or our treasurer jo gerlick at: XXXXXXXX"
- pdf of application sent to everyone via email.

- email to be sent.
- student services can fund!? elyssa will investigate.
- more about looking for attending advisor.

Banned books week
- cases to be reserved in multi-cultural lounge for first two days. monday and tuesday.

CFC funding
- paperwork finished and presentation put together by october 30? jo and roberto to do paperwork.

linguistics club
- reciprocity in emails et cetera.

next meeting?
- wednesday the 7th at 5:30pm. location to be determined.

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