Friday, February 11, 2011

Minutes for 11-09-2010

Members present: Joseph Gerlick (President), Roberto Martinez (Vice President), Chris Dunkin (Secretary), Sadie Ben-Ari (Treasurer)

1. General update led by Jo.

2. Moot:

A. Conference

i. Submitting:

Whitney Dean

Chris Dunkin

Roberto Martinez

Sadie Ben-Ari

Joseph Gerlick

Michael Prince

Mark Regan

Elise Andrews

ii. Prepare student travel information and funds. Jo will be going in to talk with them.

iii. A few people have asked for feedback for submissions. Chris will be helping Jo.

iv. Roberto, Andrew Moser, Sadie Ben-Ari, and Chris will be joining together for a panel for the conference. “Visual Literacy.”

v. General questions in regard to conference.

B. May 5th convocation

i. Meet with S.O. rep by March 31st.

ii. Proposal due April 7th

iii. Finalization April 15th

iv. Jo will work on that next semester.

C. New members

i. Checks due the 15th

ii. Jo has compiled a list and ordered a check. Awaiting the “cut” for the large check.

iii. Sadie says that there people still interested.

iv. Roberto says there was a problem last semester with the check and a few applicants are still listed as “pending.”

a. List of those in question:

Marty Goodwin

Whitney Dean

Sadie Ben-Ari

Michelle Anderson-Heroux

Stephanie Andres

Suriah Eahr

v. Jo and Sadie will be trying to remedy this.

vi. Also concerned with current applicants.

D. “Status” of Sigma Tau Delta and participation

i. Having Sigma Tau on your resume is good but no longer of as much note. There is a new focus for participation among the organization

ii. Roberto proposes a points system to perhaps be adopted next semester.

iii. There is a need to drive for member participation; all present are in agreement that a way to measure.

iv. We will be planning events and meetings for next semester.

a. Ideas:


Social gatherings

Bake sale



St. Patty’s day

Spring Fling

April National Poetry Month

Guest authors

v. Meetings:

a. More consistent meetings.

b. Tentatively on 4 on Thursdays

c. Planning a Kick-off Meeting for next semester. Chris will be planning this.

E. Current Semester Issues

i. Orgsync

a. Require that members sign up for orgsync

b. Confirm all members are up to date and registered

ii. Fundraising

a. Paper work shopping

b. Bake sale

c. Better world books

d. Off campus readings

F. Closing

a. Tuesday Nov. 30th next meeting.

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