Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Minutes for the following meetings are a little late. Unfortunately, your lovely secretary is also your SR, and so she was a little buried under a load of work. For those of you who aren't in the know: SR is a position on the regional level that occasionally sends you to a state to sit on a board meeting.

That is what I ahve

Community Outreach/Historian’s Report:

Survey responses are okay. Sweet.

President’s report:

The Poetry Salon is going swimmingly.

2. Adam: Should every officer run a salon?

In the interest of sharing labor, let’s split salons over all members so that knowledge base is spread out.

T-shirts. Budgets: different t-shirts, different styles.

Dr. Weber: Let’s talk about baby-doll cuts; women’s cuts.

Business Cards

Please edit for your own information.


Out to members - let’s start putting this together as a social organization. Adam will bring it up at the meeting. If there’s a good response, we’ll bring it up. If there isn’t...

Jessica brought up a worry of overextension.

Grad School 101 Workshops

Dr. Weber is going to be our liaison to the inner sanctum of faculty meetings. Teaming up with Sigma Tau Delta to create a regular workshop is extremely useful!

Treasurer’s Report

Pizza Kitchen Check: Fund Raising Check, someone who was a member of Sigma Tau Delta last year.
Banned Books Week: American Library Association Website - elect to read! Use the theme to work on a display or we can do our own theme.

Speakers - Erik Baker, Dolph Grundman?, Youth Slam? No. They’re typically flakey.

Let’s talk about making a fundraiser based on Young Adult Books. We’re going to do this stuff up.

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